Take your message wherever your feet can carry you.  Light-weight, rugged, and completely off-grid.

We hand pack and test every PowerPack that leaves our facility, a process that takes over four hours to accomplish!  This ensures you receive simply the best portable projection system available.


PowerPack is a line of video projection packages developed by the Final Frontiers Foundation especially for use in the most remote locations without electrical power.


PowerPack Micro


Our smallest and lightest system, this is perfect for use indoors and with small audiences in enclosed areas such as a class room, small churches, in homes or a hotel room.


Often our packs are deployed and used in cities and in public schools where the Micro's big brother is simply overkill. At the request of our users we have created the PowerPack Micro.  The Micro is for when you don't need a huge screen or PA system capable of addressing a crowd of 2000 people.  Think of it as the weekend warrior of our product line.  Also being utilized in such areas many of the additional items that come with our more expensive models are not needed such as a solar panel.


The PowerPack Micro is small and light weight, at only 4.5 pounds, which can easily be carried on your waist.


And at only $999.95 it has dramatically lowered the cost of entry for our customers.


See what's inside.




The PowerPack is the shining star of our product line, the system was designed with all the tools needed to deploy and get your message to a large audience.


We use state of the art technology, from our double sided screen and advanced battery system to our proprietary multidimensional sound system (patent pending), each of which is built in-house.


We hand pack and test every PowerPack that leaves our facility, a process that takes over four hours to accomplish.  We go that extra mile to ensure that you receive the best portable projection system available!


No longer is there a need for a large generator, bulky cables, a large awkward screen and gallons of extra fuel all carried by a 4x4 vehicle. All of our equipment can be operated using the included solar panel and batteries. While you are busy during the day, the projector, batteries and PA system are being charged for the evenings event. The PowerPack is a self-contained backpack projection system that can be carried to the most remote of locations. We utilize the most advanced technology and constantly update the product to insure that you get the best system available anywhere.


Our units have been field tested and deployed in over half a dozen countries and used in some of the most difficult and remote locations in the world.


This is not something we have just thrown together using simple off-the-shelf parts but rather something that has come from years of testing, experience, and R&D.


Weight 30.9 pounds


See what’s inside.


The PowerPack Upgrades


We offer upgrades like the "Plus" pack that come with additional gear such as the BioLite camping stove which helps recharge your devices while also providing heat, light and hot food/water.


It contains weather resistant bedding with mosquito net that helps keeps you off the ground and away from the bugs. It also contains water storage and filtration equipment, fire starters, cooking gear and cutlery, tools, and more.  The Plus pack is ideally suited for those who will be going deep in to bush for long periods of time before returning to civilization.




Comparison Chart - The PowerPack Difference

ItemThe PowerPackWith Plus UpgradeOur closest competitor
Screen115" rectangular115" rectangular90" round
Screen standFree standingFree standingFame only (not free standing)
BackpackYesYes comes with 2Yes
LED Flex lightYesYesNo
Solar charged flashlightYesYesYes
Solar panel21 watt, rollable (Flexible Polymer) 1.4 lbs21 watt, rollable (Flexible Polymer) 1.4 lbs30 watt foldable (Rigid Glass) 1.8 lbs
BatteryLithium 40,000 mAhLithium 40,000 mAh12,500 mAh
ProjectorPK320 - 100 LumensPK320 - 100 LumensPK320 - 100 Lumens
Geotagging Digital Camera (GPS)YesYesNo camera or GPS
PA System with microphoneAudible by 2000Audible by 2000Audible by 1000
Leatherman toolNo21 tool Leathermanno
Water filtration systemNoYesNo
Hydration packNoYes - CamelbakNo
Cooking stoveNoBioLite stoveNo
Waterproof LightersNoYesNo
Cooking suppliesNoYesNo





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